Manici Kasrı Hotel



The Mount Ida Region

Manici Kasri Hotel is nestled at the heart of the beautiful mountain village of Yesilyurt, on Turkey’s pristine Northern Aegean coastline, just 24 km from the ancient Greek town of Assos. Home to some of the most important ancient civilizations and mythologies, this geography allows its visitors to fully immerse
themselves in Ida Mountains’ majesty and see why so many civilizations have sought to call this region their home.

Situated between the Aegean Sea and the Ida Mountains, the region boasts one of the highest oxygen levels in the world, whilst offering its visitors a myriad of activities suitable for all seasons. From spending time by Manici Beach and enjoying what the sea has to offer, to adventurous jeep safaris in the mountains, beautiful nature hikes amidst pine forests and cultural visits to some of classical history’s most cherished cities, Manici Kasri can offer its guest a unique vacation in one of the most precious and undiscovered areas in Turkey.


Manici Kasrı Hotel

Our hotel was lovingly built by hand in the late 1990s using local stones and woods to reflect its beautiful natural surroundings. Wrapped between lush pine
forests and ancient olive groves, Manici Kasri offers the perfect getaway to release the stresses of the fast paced, big city life, leaving its guests well-rested, refreshed, and revitalized.

Guest rooms have been meticulously designed to be comfortably spacious and cozy; each equipped with a fireplace and unique furniture, but without any
widescreen televisions. We want our guests to feel at home and re-energized through disconnecting from the stresses of modern living.

At Manici Kasri, our warm, friendly, and attentive staff will always be there to assist you during your stay; whether it be serving our chef’s deliciously elevated
local cuisine that change with the seasons, or preparing your favorite cocktail while relaxing at one of our ambient fireside lounges.



The Manici Beach

Located 5.5 km from the hotel on the Assos coast, Manici Beach is our hotel’s private beach with a 100 m long coastal front. Set in a beautiful olive grove, amidst lavenders, herb gardens and the deep blue waters of the North Aegean Sea, Manici Beach is the perfect place to relax under the sun and enjoy the seashore.

Completely renovated on 2019, with Manici Kasri’s special beach menu and comfortable lounging areas, guests are guaranteed to have a replenishing & relaxing time by the beach.



Attentive Personal Service

At Manici Kasri we prioritize the care we give to our guests over anything else. Our biggest source pride is the high number of repeat guests that have graciously made Manici their home away from home. Without them it would have been impossible for us to thrive here for 20 years.

Uncompromising in Ensuring Guest Happiness

We make sure to do all that we can to guarantee guest happiness. For us our guest’s stay with us starts from the second they contact us.

Attention to Detail in Creating Comfortable and Uniquely Homey Atmospheres

Every room and common area at Manici Kasri has been carefully curated to be reflect the wonderful taste of her owners. As such each room is furnished with unique furniture that complement the rustic chic feel of the hotel. All the furniture at the hotel is picked individually and chosen with utmost care to maintain the feeling of being at home away from home that is the Manici Kasri experience.

Respecting What Nature Has to Offer and Presenting that Bounty to our Guests

Being in one of the most naturally blessed areas of the world, Manici Kasri strives to take full advantage of its surroundings only offering our guests the best of the Northern Aegean. In keeping of this ideal, Manici Kasri uses only local ingredients when possible in its cuisine, and works exclusively with local artisans and work partners to contribute back to the region that has endowed our hotel with such richness for so long.

Modern Luxury: Comfort, Dis-connection, Local Uniqueness, Reachable Remoteness

As the Manici Kasri family, we emphasize the idea that the meaning of luxury has evolved to reflect customized service, uniqueness in experience, and an ability to
disconnect from metropolitan life’s encroaching nature. We value nourishment and replenishment, and have crafted our Hotel experience to stay true to these  values.