Manici Hotel was established in the year 2000. It is built with locally sourced stones and recycled materials from an old olive oil factory. Wrapped between lush pine forests and ancient olive groves, Manici Kasri offers the perfect getaway to release the stresses of the fast paced, big city life, leaving its guests well-rested, refreshed, and revitalized.

Guest rooms have been meticulously designed to be comfortably spacious and cozy; each equipped with a fireplace and unique furniture, but without any widescreen televisions. We want our guests to feel at home and re-energized through disconnecting from the stresses of modern living.

At Manici Kasri, our warm, friendly, and attentive staff will always be there to assist you during your stay; whether it be serving our chef’s deliciously elevated local cuisine that change with the seasons, or preparing your favorite cocktail while relaxing at one of our ambient fireside lounges.